Nightride demo 1

First version showcased at Game Over Night live event.

At it's origin, Nightride started as a late entry (not submited) to my frst Ludum Dare. I honestly couldn't make up my mind to what I should/could do (I had just started my dive into game programming) with my current knowledge. So it all began as little idea of how scary it would be (for me at least!) to be driving at night, feeling the cold wind in my face and then out of the dark hordes of zombies coming fast at me! Now, the implementation part was... well a bit easier. I had just made a flappy bird clone (for learning purposes only!) and while I stared at it for a moment inside the editor... I switched from the 2D to the 3D view and thought to myself, what if this was a 3D game? That's how this game came to be. Not so future plans, include a mobile version and an updated and re-worked PC version.

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Oct 26, 2017

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